Welcome to Royal Manor of Portland AC “Couch to 5 Kilometre” course (C25K)
This is a 9 week course designed to get you off the couch and running 5K in 9 weeks. Yes that is right we can get you from a non runner to someone who can complete a 5K run in 9 weeks.
We have run this course successfully over a number of years and it follows a tried and proven scheme.
So what do you need to know.
Firstly this is a course for absolute beginners who have never run before. However you do need a bit of base fitness in that you can walk for 30 minutes without stopping and we suggest that prior to the course you do get out walking 2 or 3 times a week as preparation. This really will help with you preparing for the course. Don’t worry about the running, as long as you can walk 30 minutes when you start, you will be fine with the gradual progression to running.
We will supply you with a training schedule and meet once a week as a group (Normally Wednesday nights, 7:30pm at the YMCA Reforne. Portland)
The training consist of 3 sessions a week. One session with us as a group and then the other two times you do in your own time. The training sessions are delivered by qualified level 2 running coaches and they are assisted my qualified leaders in run fitness and experienced runners as mentors, so you are in safe hands. The weekly meeting will last no more than 60 minutes ( as the weeks progress the running time increases, hence so do the sessions). Each session will consist of a quick brief, a warm up, the main element of the session and then a cool down and stretch. Now this may sound a bit formal but in reality its a quick chat, bit of a walk to warm up, some run/walk sessions, a walk to cool down and then a quick 5 minute stretch. The sessions are designed to be relaxed and as fun as we can make them.
Your next question is probably going to be what do I need to wear?
A good pair of running trainers (not pumps), loose comfortable clothing, various thin layers are ideal as you may get a bit hot, waterproof jacket (its is bound to rain at least once) hat, gloves and a high vis vest or jacket. Don’t go out and spend a fortune on new running gear, we will advise you on what equipment is worth getting. To give you an idea to start of on week one the main session is to run for 60 seconds and then walk 60 seconds. Repeat this a few times and that’s it. Therefore hopefully you would have been out walking a few times a week prior to starting the course, so whatever you felt comfortable doing this in will be fine for the first couple of weeks.
Is it going to be hard?
Well the answer is yes, but not as hard as you think. Everyone who has completed this course is surprised. it is designed to push you but the sense of achievement will far out way anything else. The amount of running progresses gently every week, it will push you, but will not leave you feeling exhausted. All we normally have is smiling faces at the end of each session, honest!!
So what have you got to loose?
Not a lot really, just give it a try, you can do this. The hardest thing is signing up for the course and then coming on week one. After that it is all down hill as we say.
What are the benefits?
There are plenty of benefits from getting into running. For starters, it’s an easy way of improving your physical health. Running regularly will improve the health of your heart and lungs. It can also help you lose weight, especially if combined with a healthy diet. There is evidence it may help increase bone density in some people, which can help protect against bone diseases such as osteoporosis. There are also mental benefits of running. Taking on the challenge of Couch to 5K can help boost your confidence and self-belief, as you prove that you can set yourself a target and achieve a goal. Running regularly can also be a great stress reliever and has even been shown to combat depression. You will meet new people and make friends. Training as part of a group if much more successful than going it alone, remember you will have a qualified coach with you all the way and you will be surrounded by other people just like you all reaching for the same goal. We could go on with this list but come along and find out for yourselves.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page RMPAC C25K and also this website as the date of the next course and the online sign up page details will be on both pages.
Hopefully we will see you soon on the next RMPAC C25K course.

Regards Gary and the RMPAC team